Our Services

G.M.Considine Plumbing can offer a vast range of hydraulic and civil services from conception through to construction of a quality completed project.

  • Designed and Construction Projects (D&C)

    From concept through to construction we engage qualified Hydraulic/Civil Consultants and with our expertise we create a complete turn key type project.

  • Hydraulic Plumbing

    – Domestic cold, hot and warm water systems.
    – Water treatment and filtration systems.
    – Recycled and non portable water systems.

  • Drainage

    – Sewer and trade waste systems.
    – Trade waste treatment systems.

  • Gas Services

    – Commercial industrial gas systems.
    – Natural gas high and low pressure systems.
    – LPG gas systems.

  • Storm Water

    – Syphonic down pipe systems.
    – Pollution control and retention systems.
    – Storm water treatment solutions.
    – Storm water reuse systems.

  • Fire Services

    – Compliant fire hydrant systems.
    – Compliant fire hose reel systems.

  • Civil Works

    – Large in ground storm water and treatment infrastructure systems and solutions.
    Storm water and flood management systems.

  • Infrastructure Pipe Line Works

    • Pipeline projects, gas, power and water services etc.

  • Refurbishments

    – Experience in heritage significant projects.
    – Occupied buildings.

  • Servicing and Commissioning

    – Certified installations/ Commissioning of Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV).-
    – Certified installations/ Commissioning of Reduced Pressure Zone Devises (RPZD).